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Barbara Gordon Grayson
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Barbara Gordon Grayson [userpic]

But I wish she hadn't learned the Croc-O-Crunch theme song. "Croc-O-Crunch for the hungry bunch, it's the one we munch" is an insidious earworm.

Barbara Gordon Grayson [userpic]

Dear Mary,

You're old enough to read this, but possibly not old enough to understand it yet. I think. Sometimes I wonder at how much is going on inside your brain, usually just before a loud noise happens. I'd blame that on your father's genes, but your Grandpa Jim would disagree with me, at length. That's what grandfathers do.

You know how much your father and I love you, and I think you're starting to grasp how much we worry about you, too. The ordinary parental fears that come with a sometimes hyperactive child who keeps overcoming whatever protections we put in your way. The more complicated fears that have to do with whose daughter you are, and your connection to your Grandfather Bruce.

But if there's one thing I've learned over the years, especially from your Aunt Dinah, it's that you can't always protect the people you love, even when you're trying your best. But we'll keep trying, Peanut, and part of trying is teaching you how to protect yourself. At least, that's what I keep telling myself, and your father.

Now, if you can just avoid giving either of your aging parents a heart attack before you turn 18, that would be very much appreciated.

Love, Mom

Barbara Gordon Grayson [userpic]

The contractors just finished working on the new pool. There are times I'm glad to be married to a rich man; so many custom requests are shrugged off because "the rich are just eccentric." Never mind that I grew up in a blue-collar neighborhood.

Now, if the world would just calm down long enough so that I could get to work in the pool....

Barbara Gordon Grayson [userpic]

If he didn't insist on these ... back when Mary was still breastfeeding, Babs had occasionally entertained the thought of what would happen if Batman called during mealtime. Unfortunately, it was a short performance; his reaction would've still been, "Oracle. Status report."

Still, she's managed to keep some control over her schedule by calling him herself rather than waiting to be ambushed. Which is probably what he wanted her to do in the first place. The man was a master of practical psychology, after all.

"Oracle here."

Barbara Gordon Grayson [userpic]

Babs would've fed Mary herself, but the youngest Grayson is (unsurprisingly) insistent that she be allowed to feed herself. So instead of being cuddled in her mother's arms for dinner, Mary is very proudly sitting in her high chair and delicately picking up English peas, popping them one by one into her mouth. Every once in a while she breaks into a big grin, proud of herself.

"I wonder how long she'll willingly eat her vegetables?" Babs asks Dick.

Barbara Gordon Grayson [userpic]

Oracle's internal clock is lying to her. When she checks the clock display on her screen, she knows that it's been less than half an hour since she spoke to Nightwing, but subjective time is, by its very nature, deceptive. It's only been hours, not days, since she's seen her daughter in person. It's only been hours, not weeks, since Light first made his demands.

And now it's only going to be seconds, not minutes, before she can reasonably expect Nightwing to come home with their baby.

Barbara Gordon Grayson [userpic]

I want to send sputum cultures and blood samples to Mid-Nite, Brainiac-5, Mr. Terrific--anyone.

I want to call Diana and demand if this is the best Artemis can do.

I want to find whoever cooked this up and make him pay for what he's done.

I want to crawl into a corner and howl for a few hours.

I hold her, and it's all she can do to keep breathing sometimes. She doesn't even want to open her eyes when it's bad.

I'm not sure which scares me more: when she's crying or when she's quiet.

Barbara Gordon Grayson [userpic]

Oracle's eyes onlyCollapse )

Barbara Gordon Grayson [userpic]

Dick is supposed to be resting. I have ordered him to rest, which works exactly not very well at all, as anyone who knows him can tell.

Mary, however, has decided that her father should be spending his time with her instead. Poor man.

Barbara Gordon Grayson [userpic]

Tomorrow's Mary's birthday. I can't believe it's been a year. Sometimes it feels like she just slid out into the world yesterday. Other days, it seems like she's always been a part of our lives.

I was afraid that Dick wouldn't be back home in time. No, of course I didn't think he'd deliberately miss his daughter's birthday, but I'm a cop's daughter. Dad had to miss his share of my birthdays, and I never thought it was because he didn't love me.

Mar'i's visiting, and she offered to babysit for us today while we take a little time for ourselves. A very little time, I suspect, given the arrangements we want to make for her party tomorrow. At least we aren't getting too many members of the press surrounding the Clocktower right now, though I think that has more to do the state of 'Haven roads than it does with the fourth estate's sense of propriety.

Time to finish getting dressed and spend some time with my husband. It's been too long.

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